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design process


I don't prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach, all projects are different and that's part
of the fun. But getting to grips with each of the following stages, to a greater or lesser extent, ensures a project's success from the initial brief to the delivery of the final artwork.

1. brief & research
Whether it's via email or in person, we'll discuss your objectives, deliverables, timescales and budget for the project. It's great if you have this information already to hand in the form of a creative brief, but don't worry if not, we can work on this together and draw up a brief so we're on the same page from the outset. I'll delve into the finer points of your service or product, it's history and purpose, as well as your target audience and competitors. Taking these findings forward guarantees that the final design solution is fit for purpose.

2. ideation
By employing lateral thinking and a toolkit of idea generation techniques, I'll cast the net wide to produce an array of ideas to then hone in on, develop and refine the most practical solutions to your brief.

3. moodboards & sketching
I'll gather inspiration to produce focused moodboards, visualising a range of possible creative directions. Following feedback, it's time to add pen to paper to create sketches illustrating how the chosen concept and design can come together.

4. crafting the design
I'll get down to business and focus on the fine details of layout, typography, colour and
graphic elements, at the same time, regularly evaluating the design against the demands of your original brief.

5. delivery
Signed, sealed and delivered. I’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need to launch your project and make it a success.

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